As a holistic therapist who is crazy about candles and aromatherapy, I took a keen interest in candle ingredients some years ago and started reading the labels like some might read food labelling. There are all kinds of different additives and artificial synthetic fragrances that go into a lot of store bought candles. Personally, I find some synthetic scents pretty overpowering and nauseating. I much prefer all natural scents that are gentle on the senses.


 I started to make my own candles at home using only the highest quality ingredients, which in my mind is 100% pure essential oils, pure soy wax and no synthetic or artificial fragrances, colours or additives. No extra chemicals in my sanctuary please!


I have created four essential oil blends that harness different mood boosting properties (rather than just smelling pretty) so they really help to upgrade your ambience and curate a beautiful space so you can bliss out.

Some kind words from customers:

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