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Why chair massage in the workplace?

Chair massage can be very beneficial to office workers who are prone to overuse injuries affecting the neck, chest, shoulders, arms and hands. These types of pains and strains can escalate and prevent sufferers from working or leading normal lives. Time off work can cost both the employer and the employee. Having the right keyboard, adjusting the workstation for healthy posture, taking regular breaks and workplace massage are all things that can help.

You can encourage self-care and promote positive postural habits in the workplace by offering chair massages. Either as an occasional perk or a regular event (discounted rates are available for pre-booked multiple days).

Chair massage takes place on a special massage chair, through clothes, so there is no need to undress or use oil. It’s quick and flexible, employees can benefit from a 10-15 minute massage on their break and return to work energised, rejuvenated, feeling valued and relaxed.

I can accommodate up to 42 ten-minute massages, 35 twelve-minute massages or 28 fifteen-minute massages in one day depending on your preference and how many people there are to get to. I can come on multiple dates to accommodate larger offices.

I can provide a really simple booking spreadsheet to help pre-organise the day so it runs efficiently. Relaxing smells and music either on over-ear headphones (if setting up in an open plan office) or a speaker if we are able to set up in a private office space.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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