• Annie

The ultimate massage mix

Curated by moi and available on Spotify for your pleasure. 😘

What do you like to listen to when you are getting a massage? It can be so tricky to get it right. Very, very rarely do I get a client who prefers silence. The right music (and a mood upgrading candle of course!) really helps to encourage the senses to slow down, release, bliss out and be in the moment.

I've experimented with various different playlists on Spotify and have had some big fails 🤣 it's really off putting sometimes when a voice breaks out in sultry song interrupting the meditation sounds!

I put together this mix to create a relaxing spa like ambience. Put it on when you're waiting for your mobile massage to arrive, or having an indulgent soak in the bath and wanting to turn your home into a sanctuary of bliss full vibes...

You're welcome. xxx

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