The must have tool you didn't know you needed!

Trimming your wick is essential because if your wick is too long, the next time you light it the flame will be out of control - which isn’t pretty to look at. We’re promoting safe, chilled, bliss full vibes after all.

Mushrooming is the candle term used to describe that black sooty mushroom shape that the excess wick might look like after a burn. When it gets like this, it risks falling off into the candle wax and potentially causing a “wax pool fire” - when the whole surface of the candle appears to ignite = not a good thing. If the mushroom doesn’t fall off, it will be giving off much more soot which will blacken the inside of the candle container and not look pretty or be healthy. We want a nice clean, controlled burn so that you can benefit from all the essential oil goodness that’s there to be enjoyed.

Trimming the wick back to 5mm before every burn is a habit that you need to get into. It is time to upgrade your candle game.

A steady flame with an even burn will also ensure you get the most life out of your candle (out of control = faster burn, small flame = slower burn/more enjoyment).

The good news, is that they are now available for shipping in black or gold!

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