• Annie

Love for Australia

I feel AMAZINGLY lucky to call Australia my home. Not far from where I live in Melbourne, is The Great Ocean Road: it’s a stunning, Australian National Heritage listed, 243-kilometre stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia in the state of Victoria. It would be a shame to visit Australia and miss out on this treat! I would definitely recommend going all the way down to the 12 Apostles, and staying in Port Campbell in order to see these at first light (and try and miss the big wave of tourists that is inevitable later on!). They are visually very impressive - dare I say magical - limestone stacks off the shore. Be sure to count them!

Australia SO needs all our love right now. Sadly the bushfires have massively impacted the economy with tourists cancelling their trips - even to unaffected areas! NOW is the time to book your next trip to Australia.

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