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How to prepare for your at home massage

There’s not really much to do to prepare for an at home massage, I will bring the necessary equipment (comfortable table, natural massage oil, fresh towels, relaxing music) but, to help you get the most out of your treatment, do have a read of the below 4 tips:


Drink water. Not a litre right before your massage, you don’t want to be interrupted by your bladder! Make sure you hydrate regularly throughout the day always but especially when you’re planning to have a massage that evening. Massage is dehydrating in nature and you’re preparing your body to release built up toxins and loosen stiff muscles. Hydration assists in this process.


If you are able to plan a soak in the bath before your massage then this will give your muscles a head start to relax, soften and assist you in getting the most out of your massage treatment. If you don’t have time for an indulgent bath then just a quick rinse in a warm shower will make you feel more comfortable.

Eliminate distractions

Turn the TV off, put your phone on flight mode (or even better turn it off altogether), take some deep, nourishing, meditative breaths and release any thoughts and self talk you may have going on. Create space for you to turn your mind off and relax. Are the kids taken care of? Let your household know ahead of time that you are not to be disturbed for the next 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Set the scene

Where do you want me to set up the massage table? Have a think about this ahead of time and prepare that space.

  • Regulate the temperature so you will be comfortable and not too cold. Eliminate any draughts.

  • Think about the lighting. Create your ideal ambience.

  • I bring relaxing music and a bluetooth speaker with me but do you have your own preferred chill out tunes? Or a sound player you prefer to use?

  • Do you have any favourite scents or candles? I recommend natural scents that have a calming, warming and comforting effect rather than synthetic fragrances that can provoke allergies and be counterproductive in helping you to relax. I make my own for fun, using the highest quality essential oils so they really help create that Bliss Out vibe...

Bliss Out Candle by @mystylemyloves

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