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I love helping people to feel better in their bodies and inspiring them to reconnect with themselves.


In a previous life I was a stressed out office worker with my fair share of sports injuries and as a result I’m a big believer in combining a remedial treatment with an opportunity to deeply relax, revive and restore on both the physical and mental level. I have a passion for bringing massage into the workplace and pride myself in supporting self healing while creating a safe and nurturing atmosphere so that you can carry your blissed out vibe with you to benefit the rest of your day.


I enjoy combining travel with holistic studies and have studied internationally in the UK, Thailand, Indonesia, India and most recently in Australia. I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any good Massage Therapist. I am currently studying Clinical Aromatherapy in Melbourne and look forward to integrating this into my treatments.


PLEASE NOTE: As of April 2021 I am on MATERNITY LEAVE and am unavailable for treatments.


"Committing to a lifetime of wellness is not a luxury - it's a necessity. You'll never have enough time; you have to make time."


I have extensive experience coordinating wellness activities for the workplace including hosting group meditations. If you are planning a wellness day, a reward for your hard working employees or want to put in place a regular event to boost productivity and morale, please get in touch and I can help with brainstorming ideas and planning activities that suit your budget using my network of contacts.


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. Your treatment will be tailored to work on your specific goals and needs.

Back Massage

Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is based on Swedish massage. It encourages the removal of toxins from the muscles and promotes healthy circulation. A range of techniques may be called on to create an experience that is either stimulating and invigorating or relaxing and calming, depending on the client’s needs.

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is an ancient technique used for relaxation, stress reduction and to activate the natural healing abilities inside the body of the recipient. It is non dogmatic and works on every level; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.


Chair Massage

Sitting at a desk every day is a common cause of neck and back pain. Encourage self-care in your place of work and help to promote positive postural habits, revive your employees and increase engagement (and productivity) with a workplace massage.

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I have a passion for making mood boosting aromatherapy candles using only the highest quality ingredients: 100% pure essential oils, pure soy wax and no synthetic or artificial fragrances, colours or additives. 

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I am a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia (MMA), a not-for-profit associating body for Massage, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy, spanning Australia nationwide with a membership of over 8,600 professionally qualified practitioners.


"Self love is not a light switch you flip. It is a garden you grow. Patience, dear."

Jaiya John


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